I’ve been spending some time on our web startup for grape harvest prediction, and having a wonderful Xmas/New Year break which included some time away, and a 4-week visit from the missing daughter (aside: as of 9th January, BOTH daughters are in Perth – empty nesters!) but it’s “back to school” time, and I’m available for work.

As part of the new year push I’ve updated my Linkedin summary:

I’m a generalist who offers a broad range of advice to help
businesses build their capabilities, make better use of their
technologies and allow their people to collaborate.

I have experience in the application of information and communication
technology to business outcomes, with a background in enterprise and IT
architecture, software implementation, management of a team of
professionals and adoption of technology.

I “speak” business strategy, marketing and finance as well as
technology, and have a lot of ideas about humanising your business with
social media tools.

I’ve got a couple of ideas brewing, but in the meantime please contact me if you need some strategic IT advice …