You may have noticed the auto-posted bookmark collections I’ve started here – I’ve tried this sort of thing before (using the Delicious auto-post feature on the personal blog) but gave it away, partly because it was somewhat indiscriminate (I post links to delicious for a number of reasons, not all of which were useful in a blog post) and partly because a couple of people mentioned that it was slightly redundant, as they followed me there as well.However, auto-posting CAN be useful for giving the illusion, at least, of activity on a blog. In an attempt to both get that benefit in lean posting times, AND make it less of an illusion, I’ve resurrected the idea. I’m using the Postalicious plugin, which not only makes the task easier, it opens up a range of sharing options. Given the uncertainty around the future of delicious (I’m still using it but mirroring the links on Pinboard), I decided to post shared items from Google Reader, and have changed my sharing process to make sure I comment on those items. The result is, hopefully, links of interest augmented (if I can be presumptuous for a moment) with my own take on it.

Hopefully, that commenting is enough to accurately reflect some of my Web activity, without necessitating a full post here. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will tell me 🙂