These are my shared links for March 16th through March 22nd:

  • Fail Bigger Cheaper: A Three Word Manifesto – “A system that fails to fail lacks the capacity to evolve — much less to gain resilience, or, above all, wisdom” – perhaps the greatest mistake of the GFC was NOT allowing the banks and auto manufacturers to collapse. While they are kept alive, we can’t spend time, money, and effort on anything better. They (and we) can’t learn from mistakes if we don’t allow them to suffer the consequences – failure, if need be. If anything, the bailout gives 20th century business the illusion of success, and nothing will change because it is profitable today to bankrupt society and the future.
  • Japan, Emergencies and Hyperlocal Government 2.0 – What the use of social media in and around the Japan catastrophes recently suggests for the future of governments and how they communicate with their constituency – “governing at the speed of twitter.”
  • The War For Talent – Interesting to see the VC side of this – Redmonk’s James Governor has been for some time of the opinion that “Developers are of course the new kingmakers.” (Of course Redmonk is all about developers, so James’ opinion is not surprising, but Fred’s observations from the investor side are corroborative).
  • Banking v Money v Life – Aha – the future of banking isn’t about banking – it’s about helping us use money to live our lives better. Now that’s about as far away from current banking practice as it is possible to get …
  • Someone should build an app for that – Dennis Howlett griping about the (increasing) hassles in international travel, and the opportunity presenting itself for a secure method of sharing validated data about yourself and your travel credentials (“why isn’t there an app for that?”). Seems like the sort of idea that personal data stores and near field communications should be able to handle via your smartphone, surely?