The weekly round up:

  • 5 Dangerous Ideas for Designers – While it's aimed at designers, this presentation should make us all think if we do "knowledge work" – as Berkun's first point says: "We're all designers".
  • A Liquid, Not A Solid: A City, Not A Machine – Another post from Stowe Boyd where he suggests that the shape of business will not change, but disappear – become more liquid, less defined in form. He suggests the end of the business process – and I agree when it comes to human work in the organisation. Processes will still exist, but if it's repeatable, it will be automated. Humans looking after the exceptions will do so better without the process, but with a network.
  • Musing about unheralded heroes and heroines and accidental criminals and IPR – Unknown citizens and accidental criminals – how digital rights and copyright protection can work against humanity; and the part that influential lobby groups for narrow and biased interests play in that.
  • Enterprise Architecture: Moving From Chaos To Business Value – Useful overview of the value of enterprise architecture, and the iterative nature of its application to business (a point often overlooked by consultants who want to "boil the ocean" with some methodology). Talks up TOGAF, which is more a method of creating a framework than a framework that can be applied out of the box to your business – but becoming a useful frame of reference for practitioners as it leaves its IT roots further behind.
  • 10 Myths About Introverts – As an introvert myself, I couldn't go past this 🙂  … 'nuff said!