Once we outlined all that they needed to do in order to really use social media effectively, they balked. In the end, they did not want to evolve; they only wanted to be able to say they had

via In this Adapt or Die Digital World, Where Are You Headed? | Social Media Club.

Let’s face it, some companies may never be ready to use social media meaningfully. Whether that means they die, as this post suggests, is for history to tell us … I suspect that they will find some issues attracting and retaining both customers and employees. The thrust of the above quote is a little more subtle than the title implies, though: it’s not whether you take up social media or not, it’s the conviction with which you do it that will impact most on your success (or otherwise). Anything you do for appearance’s sake is unlikely to turn out well. 

So – adapt/adopt or not as you see fit. But if you’re going to do it, you need to be committed to the effort. That’s been true forever, not just about social media.