Business Design

Enterprise architecture

  • Architectural health check identifies the organisation’s DNA: its business and operating models, mission/purpose, values/aspirations. It then determines how well existing architecture models and supports those things, and how effectively the business is using its DNA.
  • Business capability modelling is a visual examination of what your business does. It forms the basis for a wide range of analyses; from what functions provide competitive advantage to where you spend your money (and the interesting comparison between those two, perhaps).
  • Governance helps you make sure that what you plan strategically happens tactically. Based on principles that guide execution, change agents that police the adherence to those principles, and a mechanism for exemption when required, governance by exception can be both lightweight and effective.
  • Business process improvement identifies efficiencies in how an organisation does what it does.
  • Roadmaps chart your planned progress from where you are today in terms of supporting your business to where you plan to be at some point in the future. They are based on business strategy, your business model, objectives and purpose, and priorities identified by your capability model and current status.

Social enterprise

  • Social enterprise/social business/Enterprise2.0 are all descriptions given to a more human-centred approach to business, often involving cultural changes in an organisation. We can help you work out if it’s for you, help with a strategy which identifies the type and extent of changes required to make it work, and help you select the technology to support those changes as appropriate.

Industry Analysis

  • Trends
  • Commentary
  • Advice

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